Building a foundation of HEALTH

through MOVEMENT

What Makes Us Different?
Personalized Workouts!

Each workout can be performed in a multitude of ways. Whether it’s your first day or 400th, We’ve got you.
Our coaches are able to scale members up OR down for all workouts to make sure everyone gets the proper stimulus.

Something for Everyone

Here at BNBB we like to take it Slow

Kind of like the first date- if you want it to last long term, baby steps. Do you get a barbell on your first day? No. Do we give you a meal plan? No. Do we have you move at high intensity? No. To be honest, those are all earned. What we want your first 1-3mos is:

✅ Consistently show up 3 days/week
✅ Learn proper body mechanics

Some Words from Our Humans

I can’t recommend this gym enough for anyone looking for an effective change in their health, no matter what level you are starting at. The coaches all work hard to ensure you are getting the most out of your workout, and offer classes and movements for all levels and ages, so me and my whole family have had classes and we all love it! It’s not only a health positive community, it’s a family and totally worth the results and strength you will gain from Big North Barbell!- Amanda D.
My daughter, Sophia, just began personal training with Coach Carey to enhance spring training for track. Carey has designed a program to help increase Sophia’s endurance while building muscle for strength! In Sophia’s words, after her workout, “I feel so accomplished! I feel so productive! I can’t wait to go back!”- Kellie H.
This place is great for building & improving your physical health, but even more importantly for me, it is so wonderful for my mental health. Being in a place where you can trust your coaches & just let go of the stress from the day is impossible to beat. Second families are born here. - Jenni F.
Best coaches, they keep you motivated. Very clean! - Sherri
You feel very welcome on your first visit. - Colleen
Focused on form and total fitness! Not just another gym - first "family" gym I've been a part of! - Michelle
Great classes.. great coaching..the coaches have so much knowledge when it comes to lifting or even helping with modifications for the work out. Love the owner and all the members 💕💕 - Christina C.
The weights are heavy. The bars are strong. - Richard U.
This is a great place to transform your body, mind and soul! Metcon, strength, mobility, stretching —it’s all there! Smaller class sizes =more 1:1 coaching. There is a large emphasis on correct form, which I feel is very important. Limits are pushed and accomplishments are celebrated. Strong sense of community and friendly competition! - Kellie S.
This is a great gym, the people here are welcoming, the gym has everything you need to get a great workout. The trainers are top notch, I’ve learned a ton in a short time coming to this gym! If you haven’t checked this place out I highly recommend it! - Greg S.
Hands down the best coaches ❤️ an amazing gym and unbeatable memberships! Thanks for all you guys do! - Saralyn P.
Great place to fitness! Coaches are rock stars - Shawn A.
Outstanding facility with an amazing staff! - Tony J.
Best gym I have ever been to! I will not willingly ever go back to a ‘regular’ gym again. The coaches here care about the clients and their goals. The clients attending classes are all very welcoming and kind. I have never felt unwelcome or unnoticed. As a 40-something year old woman, I have never felt intimidated here. The best thing is coaches who push you past what YOU think your limits are – who knew I could get over my fear of box jumps and jump roping?! Money well spent!! - Shannon G.

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